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Coalesce with Snowflake


The unique code-first, GUI-driven user experience of Coalesce enables data experts to transform their Snowflake data in a new way. Users can leverage column-aware metadata to accelerate data transformations and create database objects such as dimensions. Maintain flexibility with an as-code approach to editing, packaging, and sharing automation templates across your entire team.

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Drag. Click. Code.

Coalesce is the only solution for transformation solutions built for scalability for your enterprise. Watch the video below to see how Coalesce can help you build more efficiently, with better security and less manual coding.

What are Coalesce's USPs for Snowflake software?

With add-ons in Snowflake, you can add additional layers of security to your datalakes and datawarehouses. This includes features such as advanced encryption, access control, and compliance checks. This ensures that your data meets the strictest security standards. Additionally, add-ons can enhance the analytic capabilities of Snowflake software.

With the Coalesce add-on in Snowflake, you can seamlessly merge and transform data. Below are the benefits that Coalesce offers as an add-on.

Developed transformations

With Coalesce and the hybrid control plane approach, you can visually monitor the status and versions of your data warehouses and manage them much more efficiently than with code alone. Additionally, you can go beyond SQL templates. With Coalesce, you can quickly build standardized yet flexible templates that delve into depth. Coalesce has the ability to introspectively view the columns of your data model and construct templates that are column-aware. This allows you to easily:

  • Building standardized templates for columns to keep track of any changes.
  • Adding column-level attributes to columns

Efficient for everyone

Coalesce supports you in managing your data through expandable template packages that enable Native-SQL generation. These templates can be customized, saved, and shared across your entire organization. This "as-code" approach ensures standardization of common transformations, allowing your team to quickly perform recurring tasks and save time.

The code-first but GUI-driven user experience of Coalesce allows users with different skills to visually navigate their data warehouse, including column properties and all relevant transformations. There is no need to manually write code or use command-line tools for every task.

Disigned for scalability

It is impossible to go anywhere if you do not know where you come from. With Coalesce, you can bring visibility to change management and impact analysis with COA plans, allowing you to compare the current state of your data warehouse with the desired state and calculate the structural changes that will occur, so that you can assess and apply them.

Coalesce also uses built-in automatic documentation at the table and column level that is always up to date. Simply describe each data element to ensure that data is understood and interpreted as quickly as possible by every user in the team.



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